The Artist's Way at Work Mini-Course for Women

Tools to Increase Your Income, Feed Your Soul, and Rock the World While Doing It

This transformational experience is for you if you’re a woman who:

  • Feels unfulfilled in your career or business
  • Has a stable job that’s lost its excitement but are scared to make a change and lose the security you’ve created for yourself and your family
  • Is facing a personal, professional, or spiritual obstacle that’s impacting your livelihood
  • Is afraid it’s too late to live your purpose and do what you’re really here to do
  • Has given everything you’ve got to your family and career and has lost your sense of identity in the process.

In this mini-course, learn 12 tools from The Artist’s Way at Work that have helped women just like you double their incomes, feed their souls, and rock the world while doing it.

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Now, it’s your turn.

Broken down into 12 lessons, each 2-5 minute video will explain one tool from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way at Work and invite you to implement that tool to help you design a professional life you love.

The tools may seem simple, but they are life transforming. Here’s what participants have said: 

“The accomplishment assignment helped me to see how much I have contributed and grown. I am grateful for all the love, insights and cheerleading I received from my fellow sisters here which gave me the courage to upload 2 videos. I can clearly see how having love and support from others on a similar path who believe in me has really catapulted me to living up to my full potential. In deep gratitude to this community of remarkable women.” —Leeat

“I enjoyed the kick start for my brain today! I have always had a hard time with routine, especially mornings. OMG, already I am experiencing a mind shift. I have written almost 2 pages on my ideal client. I have been so stuck on this for too long, Thank you, universe for showing me the way to this retreat and to Angela Anderson!!” —Casey

 “What a perfect way to end this mini-course with gratitude. First on my list is Angela Anderson, you gave us this incredible retreat and in addition, you gave us your valuable time and authentic self. Your support and retreat made me take the action steps that were hidden in me. I thank my essence and all aspects of myself for not giving up before I even got started and for letting go of the unworthiness to be seen.” —Chris

“I want more! I love Angela. She is genuine, and the call [after the mini-course] was packed with ideas, suggestions, ah ha moments and homework making me accountable. Angela lasers in on the points you need to know. Her work is tried and true, because she has gone through it. She delivers. She's that good! Thank you, Angela for helping me come out of my shell, face fears, use video to communicate, and tools to work with and healing. My wheels are spinning. We are so lucky to have you. Big Hugs!” —Rose

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Angela Anderson
Angela Anderson
Workshop Leader, Success Coach, Intuitive Guide

About the instructor

Hi, I'm Angela, and I help emerging authors, healers, coaches, and practitioners share their gifts with the world so they can make the money—and the difference—they’re here to make using a unique combination of spirituality and business called The Soulful Success Formula. 

I’m also founder of The Art of Success for Women and creator of the Soulful Success Mentorship Program, and a success coach and intuitive guide who believes that as a woman, you should love your life—and do the important personal and professional work you know you're here to do.

I’m committed to helping you increase your income, feed your soul, and rock the world while doing it so you can share your gifts and make the difference in the world you know you're here to make.

Growing up with a single mom who didn’t finish the 8th grade, I learned to empower myself and the women around me by combining my intuitive gifts and Olympic-level goal-setting and accomplishment skills. I attended college (as a first-generation grad), medical school, and wrote an Amazon #1 best seller before focusing on supporting women to live their own potentials. I've done thousands of intuitive readings and coaching sessions that have helped women grow soul-based businesses that have doubled and tripled their incomes.

And, I’ve devoted the last 20 years to developing the tools and insights that help women set goals—whether it’s getting into medical school when starting with an English degree, doubling their income, or writing an Amazon #1 book—and achieve them.

My custom programs and groups empower women to get clear, move forward, and create the success they deserve so that they can:

•   Make More Money

•   Feel More Fulfilled

•   Connect to Their Personal Power and Divinity

•   Live Up to Their Potential

•   And Have MORE FUN!

And, I'm the tell-it-like-it-is girlfriend you never had who will have your back and love you up through all of your secrets and fears—and who will celebrate with you on the beach, margarita and mala beads in hand, when you hit that first 6 figures (or more!). 

What's included?

12 Videos

Course Curriculum

Welcome to The Artist's Way at Work Mini-Course for Women
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Day 2
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Day 7
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