Soul Sisters' Accountability Mastermind

Goal Setting (and Accomplishing) for Conscious Solopreneurs


You're here for a bigger purpose. To change the world. To light it on fire with your brilliance. AND to inspire others to do the same.

You're in the right place. The Soul Sisters' Accountability Mastermind will help you set goals--and accomplish them--so that you can finally build a business that generates income while making a difference in the world. 


Is this you:

  1. Are you an emerging coach, author, healer, or soul-sister entrepreneur?
  2. Are you working on a business, book, practice, or taking—heaven forbid—another online course?
  3. Have you thought about your goal? Deliberated? Made vision boards? Set intentions? Maybe even told a friend? 
  4. Are you really—be honest with yourself—going to make it happen? This year???

I keep hearing from women who are tired of low-touch programs and courses. You know the ones I’m talking about—the ones where the only interaction you get with the mentor is via recorded video or FB live where YOU don’t get a chance to interact and get the support you need. Where feeling like a part of a community is impossible, because you’re still sitting isolated behind your screen. 

And I also keep hearing from women like you that they know they could be accomplishing more—and feeling a helluva lot better about themselves—if they had more personal support and accountability. 

That’s why I created The Soul Sisters’ Accountability Mastermind.

Our group is ALL about support. All about community. My intention in creating this group is to help you meet your goals by receiving the loving support of a tribe of like-minded women who not only understand, but who will stand behind you as you make the difference you are here to make.

The Soul Sisters’ Accountability Mastermind is THE kick in the pants you’ve needed to finally increase your income, feed your soul, and rock the world while doing it—no matter what your personal flavor of success.

After working with Angela, your kindred sisters have:

  • Doubled their incomes
  • Started — and finished — first or second drafts of books
  • Started — and finished — yoga/healing/fill-in-the-blank amazing certification
  • Moved to a new country, gotten a new job, and started a kick-a$$ life of adventure (without a pile of cash or a sugar daddy)
  • Started healing practices and filled client rosters (with paying clients)
  • Returned to early professional loves with renewed commitments and joy.

For a very easy-on-the-pocket book $47/month, you can take your business, your book, your practice to the next level.

Join a cadre of kindred soul sisters ready to FINALLY light the world on fire, like Sandy who said, “I went from having a fairly loose hope that someone would ask me for an appointment to having a webpage, productive Facebook pages, 12 clients, AND I started and finished writing a book that I had only spoken of for years. Now, I know what I want to be in the immediate future and I know some of the steps I need to make it happen. —Sandra Pelley: Spiritual Advisor; Alberta, Canada 

What you get:

  • 1 Live Video Group Accountability Call per month: Learn success strategies, set attainable goals that stretch you, get supported, share your experience and expertise, and connect with like-minded women here on this planet to make a difference.
  • Private Facebook Group for daily support and accountability
  • Soul Sister Accountability Partner
  • Discounts on Private Intuitive Coaching Sessions with Angela

What do you have to lose? Oh yeah. Another year! (But hey, you’ll get to recycle that vision board again. :) )

Big hugs,


PS: Will you invite a friend so that she can find the support and community she’s looking for too?

Looking forward to meeting you on our next call!

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Angela Anderson
Angela Anderson
Workshop Leader, Success Coach, Intuitive Guide

About Angela

Hi, I'm Angela, and I help emerging authors, healers, coaches, and practitioners share their gifts with the world so they can make the money—and the difference—they’re here to make using a unique combination of spirituality and business called The Soulful Success Formula. 

I’m also founder of The Art of Success for Women and creator of the Soulful Success Mentorship Program, and a success coach and intuitive guide who believes that as a woman, you should love your life—and do the important personal and professional work you know you're here to do.

I’m committed to helping you increase your income, feed your soul, and rock the world while doing it so you can share your gifts and make the difference in the world you know you're here to make.

Growing up with a single mom who didn’t finish the 8th grade, I learned to empower myself and the women around me by combining my intuitive gifts and Olympic-level goal-setting and accomplishment skills. I attended college (as a first-generation grad), medical school, and wrote an Amazon #1 best seller before focusing on supporting women to live their own potentials. I've done thousands of intuitive readings and coaching sessions that have helped women grow soul-based businesses that have doubled and tripled their incomes.

And, I’ve devoted the last 20 years to developing the tools and insights that help women set goals—whether it’s getting into medical school when starting with an English degree, doubling their income, or writing an Amazon #1 book—and achieve them.

My custom programs and groups empower women to get clear, move forward, and create the success they deserve so that they can:

•   Make More Money

•   Feel More Fulfilled

•   Connect to Their Personal Power and Divinity

•   Live Up to Their Potential

•   And Have MORE FUN!

And, I'm the tell-it-like-it-is girlfriend you never had who will have your back and love you up through all of your secrets and fears—and who will celebrate with you on the beach, margarita and mala beads in hand, when you hit that first 6 figures (or more!). 

What's included?

1 Video
5 Texts
3 PDFs

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